Post Risk Surveys and Appraisals: 


Our surveys can range from risk verification to full property, business interruption and liability surveys for small to medium sized enterprises, covering, but not restricted to

  • Risk profiles
  • Security issues
  • Valuations and adequacy of sums insured
  • Risk improvements
  • Health and safety
  • Fire detection and extinguishment systems
  • Power and utilities
  • Special hazards
  • Housekeeping
  • Interruption features
  • Moral hazard 

Disaster Planning and Business Continuity:


Planning to reduce risk and improve opportunities for recovery from unexpected and unwanted events are vital parts of corporate governance. With the support of preferred partners and associates we can offer

  • Business continuity/disaster recovery planning preparation 
  • Training for plan co-ordinators
  • Crisis management team training
  • Loss mitigation planning
  • Existing plan reviews and updates
  • Disaster recovery planning software
  • Disaster scene training modules  

Loss Adjusting: 


With our associates in the UK and around the world we are able to undertake the investigation of most types of claim. Our motto is that no claim is too large or too small for us to handle.

Claims Audits and Compliance Reviews:


In order to comply with regulatory and shareholder requirements insurers, reinsurers and brokers need to undertake audits of their binding and other delegated authority business activities. Equally captives and self insureds need to review their outsourced services.

There is a growing recognition that at least some of the foregoing should be drawn from independent sources, such as Integrated Insurance Solutions and in this regard we

  • Work closely with our Principals to pre-agreed guidelines and in accordance with their reporting protocols
  • Identify problem areas, recommend solutions and can, if required, implement short term management or instigate long term strategy changes
  • Assist with corporate governance and change management issues
  • Undertake audits/reviews of loss adjusters, solicitors and other outsource providers          

Claim Consultancy and Client Support:


We are able to provide a wide range of pre and post loss consultancy services, including

  • Advice on policy cover
  • Loss appraisals, including the evaluation of damaged and destroyed assets, business interruption calculations and liability assessments
  • The collation, presentation and negotiation of claim settlements
  • Locus inspections and the taking of witness statements
  • Third party recoveries 

We recognise the importance of the role played by intermediaries and endeavour to enhance their position by working alongside them, wherever possible.  

Claims Management and Handling:


We are able to deliver a variety of claims functions ranging from recording and monitoring through to a full pro-active claims management service across all personal and commercial lines, including

  • Third party recoveries
  • Litigation support
  • Contribution
  • Fund management
  • Aggregate deductible monitoring
  • Audits
  • Field investigations
  • Online reporting

Run Off and Commutations:


When insurers/underwriters look to make a strategic withdrawal from some or all of their operations we are able to provide practical support in managing these situations. We understand the need for careful management and the use of skills from ongoing operations. If necessary, however, we can takeover the handling and/or control of all notified claims, together with new incidents relating to old or closed years of account. We can also undertake partial services, including but not restricted to

  • File audits
  • Reserve reviews
  • Claim investigations
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Commutations

Captive Run Off Solutions:


A number of companies seeking independent solutions for their exit strategy from no longer required captives, are interested in

  • A novation process to another licenced carrier in the same domicile
  • A simple sale to an acceptable entity
  • A reinsurance structured solution
  • A combination of the foregoing 

Together with associates we are able to provide such cost effective solutions with maximum benefits.